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Leverage the full potential of your teams professional connections

The Leader Network Diagnostic helps people understand and build on their relationships to create an effective professional network.

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Experiences that build on the Leader Network Diagnostic

Network Leader offers a range of online experiences to help make the complex world of network research and analysis easy for anyone to understand and apply. Join our network of leaders who have learned how to create more effective and resilient professional networks.

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Leader Network Diagnostic

Individual Assessments

The Leader Network Diagnostic is available as a stand-alone digital assessment to use in development programs or educational settings. LND Certified Trainers can purchase bulk assessments with a discounted sliding scale depending on the quantity.
Detailed network analysis report
In-depth videos and guides
New networking goals section
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Leader Network Diagnostic

Self-Paced Online Course

Visualize, analyze and improve your professional network with a fully interactive and in-depth experience hosted on Adeption. The course includes access to the diagnostic as well as action and reflection based workouts.
Access to the Leader Network Diagnostic
Real world action and reflection modules
Great for blended learning
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Leader Network Diagnostic

Certified Trainer Course

Creators of the Leader Network Diagnostic walk you through delivering and debriefing the LND for your participants. This includes access to the individual course, diagnostic, certified training, and trainer materials.
Full admin access
Reporting and cohort statistics
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Some frequently asked questions

Below you'll find the answers to typical questions we're asked about the Leader Network Diagnostic.

Is the Trainer Certification required to facilitate and debrief the LND?

Yes. Network research and analysis is a complex subject, so trainers need to complete the LND Certified Trainer program before faciliting or debriefing the diagnostic. The certification consists of two self-paced online courses offered on the Adeption learning platform. Trainers also complete their own LND during the training and have access to the Network Leader admin portal once certified.

Who is the self-paced online LND course for? 

Network Leader allows individuals to experience the Leader Network Diagnostic and debrief without a certified trainer through the individual online course on Adeption. This fully self-paced course walks users through the LND and includes a full debrief with videos from the creators.

Can I purchase single LND assessments for my group? 

Yes. Certified Trainers can offer their participants the stand-alone Leader Network Diagnostic. This digital assessment includes the network report and embedded videos from the creators. Networking goals and retake options available on request from trainers.

What is the Goal Setting section of the LND? Does that cost extra? 

Goal Setting helps participants take concrete actions to improve their networks based on the details of their report. This section is included with each assessment. Once completed, participants receive a copy of their report with their goals attached for reference. There is no additional cost for the Goal Setting feature.

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