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Make your leadership program better. Instantly.

With Network Leader’s evidence-based network assessment and coaching your learners and team will: 

  • Expand the flow of information and opportunities in their network.
  • Grow relationships that enable them to more easily navigate complex or flattened hierarchies.
  • Identify relationships to develop that cross critical boundaries or provide key resources that are missing from their network.
  • Strengthen relationships that will increase the success of their professional goals.
  • Add value to others by connecting people in their network who would benefit most from knowing each other.

With virtually zero set-up time, you can help your leaders quickly develop their professional networks with intention, direction, and attention for both personal and organizational success.

“The diagnostic led me down a path of introspection, leading me to insights into why the strengths and weaknesses of my network exist and to clear actionable insights of how to improve my network.”
Mike Welsh
Mike Welsh
Learning Development Partner at Facebook

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