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The Structural Characteristics of a Modern, Effective Network

What does it take to have a high-value, professional network? We’ve condensed decades of research and experience working with thousands of leaders into three key components in our new e-book.

An effective professional network has an ODD structure: it’s Open, Diverse, and Deep. 

For decades, network researchers have mapped the connections between people and groups within organizations. They’ve found that a person’s network characteristics can impact how they achieve work goals and progress in their careers.

This kind of network is also odd because it is uncommon! An ODD structure is unlikely to develop naturally. Creating it requires awareness and intentional effort.

After reading this e-book, you’ll be armed with a clear roadmap to take immediate action and grow your professional network into a high value, high performing, and always on engine.

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The Structural Characteristics of a Modern, Effective Network