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The Structural Characteristics of a Modern, Effective Network

The Structural Characteristics of a Modern, Effective Network

Do you think the best networks develop naturally? Decades of research reveal that the most effective professional networks follow a common structure — and require work.

Mapping the connections between people and groups within an organization is nothing new. What is novel, however, is that all great professional networks share a common structure with just three key components.

Combining decades of research from thousands of leaders, Network Leader’s latest ebook explores how all modern and effective networks have an ODD structure: Open, Diverse, and Deep.

Here’s how we think about this structure:

  • Open: How many people in your network do not know each other?
  • Diverse: Is your network made up of characteristically different people?
  • Deep: Do your network connections reflect deep bonds, trust, and reciprocity?

Unsurprisingly, most people do not have a network that is naturally open, diverse, and deep. That’s because network-building requires awareness and intentional effort.

Take this ebook as the blueprint for building your best professional network. With it, you’ll learn which aspects comprise an ODD structure and how to assess your current network for openness, diversity, and depth — right now.

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The Structural Characteristics of a Modern, Effective Network