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Unlock The Power of Professional Networks with the Leader Network Diagnostic™

Network Leader
August 14, 2023
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In today's rapidly evolving and interconnected professional landscape, individual skills and experience are undoubtedly important, but they alone are no longer sufficient for achieving lasting career success. While traditional talent management initiatives have their merits, they often fall short in comprehending the true dynamics of organizations and how work gets done collaboratively by teams and groups of individuals. The key to thriving in the modern workplace lies in building strong relationships and effective networks because networks offer unique information, resources, perspectives, and opportunities that can catapult leaders to new heights. 

In this blog post, we explore how Network Leader’s Diagnostic is a game-changer that can help you leverage the power of networking for personal and organizational growth.

You can download a sample report produced by the diagnostic here.

The Evolution of Networking

In the past, professional networking events were characterized by crowded hotel conference rooms where network coaches presented lengthy lists of steps for success. Sadly, these approaches yielded less-than-stellar results for large companies. It’s not enough to attend an 8-hour training session, once or twice a year. Today, we recognize that leadership and network development must be seamlessly integrated into the daily workflow for all 2,000 work hours per year to have a meaningful, lasting impact.

Why Professional Networks Matter

Your core professional network consists of those you know, those who know you, and crucially, how these individuals are interconnected. These networks play a pivotal role in your career advancement and personal growth. By maintaining an effective network, you gain several advantages:

  • Early access to information: Being well-connected allows you to access crucial information before it becomes widely known, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Diverse perspectives: A network comprising individuals from different backgrounds and industries provides you with a broad range of insights and viewpoints.
  • Creative insights: By combining varied perspectives, you can develop innovative solutions and ideas that can set you apart in your field.
  • Opportunity capitalization: Your network can offer you unique opportunities that others might not be aware of, giving you a chance to excel.

Understanding Your Network

Based on decades of academic research into the importance of network development, Network Leader’s Diagnostic offers the ideal solution, with over 40,000 professionals across all industries already benefiting from its insights. Moreover, completing the diagnostic takes just 20 minutes, making it a convenient yet invaluable tool. You can download a sample report from the diagnostic here

Network Leader’s Diagnostic helps you evaluate your network through three critical prisms:

  • How open it is: The true value of your network is not solely determined by the people you directly know but also by the extended connections within your network.
  • How diverse it is: The more diverse your network, the greater its potential to provide fresh perspectives and foster innovation.
  • How deep it is: A solid network provides the support and assistance you need, ensuring you can navigate challenges with confidence.

How Network Leader's Diagnostic Supports Your Success

Network Leader’s Diagnostic empowers you and your teams to thrive by designing intentional networks. It enables you to identify areas of improvement, build cross-boundary ties, and forge strong connections with people who can help you accomplish your goals. The diagnostic also serves as a roadmap to becoming a "fast mover," allowing you to streamline your network, collaborate effectively, and find joy and energy in your role.

Greg Pryor, a renowned thought leader on networks, highlights that network science is one of the most vital yet underappreciated domains in human capital management. Ignoring the importance of networks in the changing nature of work can be detrimental to your career and team success.

Take the Next Step Towards Success

Download a sample report of Network Leader’s Diagnostic here.

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